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Zauberei und Korrigierung, eine kleine Schwindel

Sind Ihre Zähne nicht weiß genug? Sind die Fotos verknittert? Die Farben sind verschiessen? Sind Sie nicht zufrieden mit dem Hintergrund? Haben Sie rote Augen wegen dem Blitz auf den Fotos? Die Fotoaparat Schnur hängt in das Foto rein. Kein Problem!

Even pictures made by professional photographers aren’t perfect. All photographs can be enhanced by a little touching-up. In the age of digital cameras this editing work has become a natural part of photography.

Digital picture correction

Taking pictures with a digital camera is easy, just turn it on and shoot. We can catch rare amazing moments and we have a large selection of pictures taken of the same scene. What we don't need we can easily erase. After downloading the pictures to the computer, at a closer observation in larger size it becomes apparent that the pictures we took are rarely perfect.

Most common problems and their causes:
• grainy pictures – caused by bad lighting conditions
• red-eyes – appear when using automatic flash
• faded, bad colors – caused by inappropriate White Balance
• unwanted elements on the picture – they were there when the right moment to shoot the subject arrived.

We can help!
Even the worse quality of pictures can be enhanced with the help of computer softwares.
• we can smooth out graininess
• red color pupils can be corrected to black
• we can enhance colors
• unwanted elements can be edited out.


Touching-up on paper photographs

The greater part of our photography is on paper. It may not be their volume but the time frame they embrace surely so. Aging and improper handling distresses these old photographs.

Most common problems and their causes:
• discoloration, fading – the effects of aging
• wrinkles, tears – unintentional damages, frequent use, children
• lint and dust – inappropriate storage, aging of the album that held them
• traces of glue, tapes – as a result of fastening to than taking them out of albums.

We can correct them all!
After corrections, we can make faded, wrinkled, torn and damaged photographs look better than the original.

Picture magic

We make things disappear, we add, we enhance, we re-edit, we drop new backgrounds. The below pictures speak for themselves:

All pictures in our books are color-corrected and you will find no red-eyes on faces. We provide these basic picture-editing works free of charge for all our clients who hire us to custom design and make their books.

If you need more picture-editing work done, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional staff is here to help

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